POU: A Simple yet Addictive Game to Play

Like a real pet, Pou needs a bath, gets hungry, & sleepy, and requires your attention & love in order to stay healthy. He gets sick, dirty like all the real pets do. He might also get in trouble every now and then.

Your primary objective is to look after Pou. You are required to take a proper care of all his needs which is in fact quite fun, taking into consideration that you have a number of different customization options, as well as other features in the game.

The very first thing which you’ll notice about your pet (Pou) is he’s brown & triangular alien creature. In addition to doing the regular stuff like bathing, and feeding, you will be able to pick the clothing & dress up Pou. Besides, if you want, you could also put up some makeup as well. You will be able to train the pet anyway you wish to.

When you initially start playing with this game, you’ll notice that Pou doesn’t have a gender. This is simply because the gender of Pou will depend upon how you dress it.

Pou game is based upon a very simple idea which almost anyone irrespective of the age or skills will find enjoyable. One cool feature which kids will love is as soon as you say something in the microphone, the pet will start repeating it. Parents must be careful though as this includes offensive words as well.

For taking care of your pet, you’ll to purchase clothing, potions as well as food for Pou. And here the role of the mini-games become crucial. You will find a number of such games which you can play & the good news is all these games are completely free to play. By playing several mini games, you’ll earn some coins as a reward. A few of the mini-games seem addictive & funny, whilst other just seem unreal and boring.

Keeping your alien pet entertained all the time is a very crucial part of this game. In case you want to hurry & require additional coins, and do not wish to waste your time on the mini-games, you’ll need to buy coins using your REAL money. With cheat pou, you will be able to gather as many coins as you need without needing to play any mini games. Pou hack is completely free to download tool. It has been tested to be working on all the devices and is completely safe to use.

Pou appears to be very exciting pet to have. This game has a very clean & simple UI. The game is quite addicting to play. It might not offer the best graphics, still if you’re having fun with your alien pet, does that really matter?

At the moment, you can download Pou from the Play Store for free. We hope that you will enjoy Pou like most others have. Happy Gaming!